Lifespan development and communication

Background case study
You need to describe a communication event involving someone aged 65+ years. This can be a personal memory of a story told to you (personal experience), a story from an interview (with signed consent) or from
the textbook for this paper (or other approved sources). In your description include the who, what where, and how of this communications event. If this is your own memory of the event or story, outline what you understood or thought at the time and the impact this event had on you. This background case study is not marked.

Section 1 – Theory/theorist
Discuss the event in terms of two theory/theorists. In this section you will need to support your discussion with relevant citations, referencing academic sources. Word Count: 200 words.

Section 2 – Cognitive and environmental domains
Discuss the event in terms o Social and Cultural Influences. For example, the influence of close social relationships and larger cultural influences at this age on the outcome event. In this section you will need to support
your discussion with relevant theory and citations, referencing academic sources. Outline how these two domains interact. Word Count: 200 words.

Section 3 – Communication strategies
Imagining yourself as a healthcare professional. Explain how you would apply your learning related to this event in communicating with someone of this same age. Word Count: 100 words

Section 4 – Ethical principles
Outline the relevant ethical principles when working with someone of this age group. You are expected to document how you have maintained privacy in your case study. If you have interviewed someone, you
are required have a signed consent form uploaded with your assignment. Word Count: 100 words

Section 5 – Communication across the lifespan
Considering the theoretical understandings from this paper, summarise how you would adapt interpersonal communications to individuals of the three age groups you have written about in Part A, Part B, and Part
C (0-12, 13-64 and 65+ years). Word count: 200 words

(Total word count = XXX)

Section 6 – References

































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