Liquid Retaining Structures

An open rectangular concrete tank sits at ground level and must be designed to contain sludge to an operational depth 0.7m below the top of the walls. The internal dimensions of your tank are given in the table below. The base is 500mm deep and is assumed to provide a continuous edge restraint to the walls. The strength class of the concrete is C35/45 and cement containing 30% GGBS is specified. The tank will be poured in winter and formwork is not specified. Assume cover to reinforcement is 50mm. Your design must include: 1. Structural design of the walls and base of the tank. 2. Check the adequacy of the wall reinforcement for early-age and long-term cracking. State all design assumptions that you make and reference all design formula. 3. Produce a neat hand drawn sketch of your tank to show dimensions and the required reinforcement. 4. Discuss the main issues relating to the construction of a liquid retaining tank such as the one you have designed, with particular emphasis on minimising crack formationps. Lengthxbreadthxheight =7mx7mx6m

Sample Solution