Listening analysis

Textbook: Chapter 4, review Chapter 5 (Listening for Understanding section)
Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)
Read the lesson for this week, and complete the listening exercise in the Listen Up! section to evaluate your
listening skills. Then, address the following:
State the results of the exercise.
Using the information from the exercise, describe an instance when you failed to be an effective listener.
Next, respond to the following prompts, making connections to the ideas contained in the listening chapter
assigned for the week. Explain your thought process and provide examples to give explanation to your
descriptions of why you feel that way.
Where in the stages of listening did you experience breakdown?
What was the reason you failed to listen effectively? Were listening barriers present?
What could you have done differently to improve your listening?
McLean Scott, (2018). Exploring Interpersonal Communication (2nd ed.) Boston, MA: Flatworld

Sample Solution