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Analyse how the development of E-gaming affects the creative media industry and new age people’s life in China, from Dota?League of Legends to King of Glory. Upload the draft in 24 hours In brief, the research is a preliminary report to help the students clarify their focus, objectives, academic literature, and methods. It should be structured in the following way: Your name and contact details (phone and e-mail). Your dissertation title, which indicates the proposed area of study (note: this can be modified as the research work progresses). A statement of your research question followed by a brief but thorough literature review (including citation of key references) addressing what is currently known about the topic you intend to research. Your likely research method (including whether it will be qualitative or quantitative or mixed, and why). Preliminary details about: 1. How you will collect your data (including sample profile and measures/interview questions). 2. How you will analyse your data (including a specific mention of which methods will be used). 3. A brief section on any ethical or confidentiality issues that is expected to encounter in the dissertation. 4. A clear timetable for the research plan (using a visual indicator, e.g., Gantt chart). Structure? Your name and contact details(Email) Title of the study The literature review Research method Data collection Ethical statements Time frame Primary references As you move forward with writing your proposals, it would be useful to start narrowing down and focusing your ideas, so that you can choose some specific research questions, research methodologies, and theories to help you analyze your data. Your literature review will help you to do this. As you read about authors who have conducted research in your topic, think about the methodologies that the authors have used to collect data, and the theories that the authors have used to analyze their data. It is worth remembering that the library can offer a lot of assistance with your literature review. For your research methodologies, you may want to think about the the information provided on Module- Researching Media Industries. This module covered all of the research methodologies that you might want to use, so take another look at each methodology, and use this information in your proposals. Topic: Analysis how the development of E-gaming affects the creative media industry and new age people’s life in China, from Dota?League of Legends to King of Glory the detection is about Through the rapid development of e-sports in China in recent years, the impact of analysis on the media industry and people’s life style has been analyzed. Illustrate the game Dota (early to enter the Chinese widely accepted a game) and LOL (a very popular game, drive a flood of games to watch, really make China a stage in the development of e-sports, LOL is let more people understand the e-sports, the development of new media, the buds of live.) To king of glory (more simple and more convenient mobile phone games, the national games, from the old man to the elementary school students know that help tencent years into how many million of the game, really hot game with broadcast industry… ) 1. Explain some background knowledge, the basic background of DOTA, LOL and KING of GLORY. 2. With the rise of these three games in China, the popularity of these three games has corresponded to changes in people’s lifestyles and the development of creative media in different periods. Such as: DOTA period, there has been no smartphone, everyone is a computer player, there is no app no live, game events rarely in China, China’s professional players is more little, network game is only a small number of teenagers addiction, by parents and teachers think it is cancer, is a drug, banned. In the year of LOL’s emergence, more and more people began to hear and focus on games. In some other Chinese games, many players (not just teenagers, but many young and middle-aged players )spend millions of dollars and spend millions on equipment and so on. LOL, which doesn’t cost a lot of money and team mode, is wildly popular with the public. At home, the rise of game teams and professional players has changed the dreams of many teenagers, but it has become less and less rewarding to be a professional player. In the beginning of the broadcasting industry, many retired professional players, or the game players of passers-by, began to enter the live broadcasting industry.……Then, the popularity of the king was born, and the broadcasting industry was booming.?Saobai etc.for example??Smart phones and tablets replace computers,more and more games related apps are born. Some universities in China offer e-sports majors, games and games, and more and more players become professionals. Many 16,17 year olds become professional players or game anchors?make a lot of money. Professional players and popular anchors go to the masses, become “stars” and have a fan base. Grey zone of “professional” – whereas practice, many players drop out of school at home or not work, because the game played well, had become professional partners, charge by the hour or occasions, to be their source of income. 3. Questionnaire: imagine several questions, such as: have you ever heard of/played DOTA, LOL, King of Glory? How much time you spend playing games every day. And so on. 4 Interview: interview several objects (may be a bit of fiction, may refer to some domestic interview articles)1 A game anchor?Why do you become a host, what is your career, what is your income, how do you earn your income, how long do you live, how much money do you receive?etc.. 2 Play King of Glory of primary school cousin. You can have two days to play every weekend. After growing up, you want to be a professional player. You want to study the university of the game, and the money is used to recharge the game.…… 3 Pro. Why become a professional? (as far as I know, professional players who have a king’s glory have failed in graduate school, and they have resigned from a well-paid manager. In order to realize their dream, they have become professional players. You can write it out and make up your name. How much time do you spend on training every day, have your family ever been opposed to it, have you experienced setbacks, how much you earn each month, the bonus of the game, the number of fans on live software and weibo, and so on. 5 Analyze the development of e-sports games and bring about the advantages and disadvantages to teenagers. Benefits such as — 1 exercise response, thinking, and so on. Unemployed youth or school dropouts are known for playing online games, making money and earning a lot of money, giving them a way to earn a living and realize their value. The spirit that the professional player sticks to his dream and strives for hard work inspires many people.?such as RNG?Royal Never Giveup? The downside, for example, is that a person who is addicted to the game, doesn’t study, and desires to become a professional player, or a host, has a negative influence on the subsequent teenagers. 2 sudden fame and wealth, let these young anchors and professional players who have no high cultural level lose their direction and form a negative influence.?For example, Siwangxuangao live and hit a girlfriend,white hacker evnet,etc.? The above contents should not be based on the actual order. This is what I want to explain in dissertation, and the writer can expand and improve on the basis of it.

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