Write a paper that completes the following 3 parts. E Part 1: Summarize the current state of the economy. o Do this using economic data and reports. Be sure to interpret the data you present. o Be sure to use economic theory and models to help explain what is going on at this moment. E Part 2: Discuss what you think the state of the economy will look like at the time of your last graduation (with your highest planned degree) and what that will mean for your job prospects and your income earning potential. o Do this by referring to published economic forecasts, or by making your own economic forecast. o Be sure to use economic theory and models to help explain why you think economic conditions will be as you predict. o Be sure to think about how your specific degree and profession will fit into the future labor market • Part 3: Discuss one major financial goal you wish to accomplish in the next 10 years, set up a simple financial plan to reach that goal, then discuss how the performance of the economy and economic policies could affect your ability to reach that goal. o Start by stating your personal financial goal and briefly summarizing your financial plan. • Then discuss what assumptions you are making about the economy and your finances in your financial plan • Then use economic theory and models to explain what events/changes could accelerate or derail the pursue of your goal o Think about the probability of a recession, probability of unemployment in your profession, average return on investments, potential wage growth, inflation, etc… in the next 10 years.

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