Managing business

Imagine that you have graduated with your degree and are currently working in your field of study. We have
recognized your writing skills and asks that you share your knowledge by writing an informal blog post that is
written to help first year students in your field of study to learn about or deal with a problem they might face in
their future profession. The blog post will be published on the University website and will be read by many
Select an issue in your field of study that is relevant to these students and that you have personal experience
with. Write to this audience and inform them about this issue and how it might be relevant to them and their
success as a future professional as well as how they can address the issue when they face it as professionals.
You could, if you are in law enforcement, for example, write to law enforcement students and help them to deal
with the stress they might face on the job as a future law enforcement officer. If you are an early childhood
education professional, you could write to future teachers to help them to motivate a particular type of
challenging student.
You may use one but no more outside sources to help support your ideas, but the focus is on establishing your
point about the issue, to share your knowledge and experience, and to use appropriately informal language,
rather than writing a formal research paper. If you do use a source, you must still cite it using APA citation

Sample Solution