Exercises 1 through 4 in the data file named: lesson 28 Exercise File 1 located on the web:
(Dana wished to evaluate the effects of conflict-resolution training on the social skills of elementary school
children. Fourth-grade students in a school district were randomly assigned to one of three groups. Two
groups received training in conflict resolution from either a cognitive-based approach
(group = 1) or a behavior-based approach
(group = 2). The third group did not receive formal instruction in conflict resolution
(group = 3). measure the effects of the treatment, a social problem-solving inventory (SPSI) was
administered to the children, and rating scales were completed by the teachers (rate_t) and by the parents
Conduct a MANOVA to evaluate the effects of a training program. Be sure to provide the following output:
the Wilk’s lambda with its associated F statistic and its h2 statistic; the univariate F statistic for the teacher
rating; and the mean statistic for the parent rating.
• Conduct the appropriate follow up tests and include the output.
• Write the results section in APA style.
• Create a boxplot to graphically show Dana’s results.

Sample Solution