Marketing Analytics

What do you understand based on the screenshot?
What information are you missing?
Which action can you take to help you marketing department?

Multi-channel conversion Visualiser
What analysis would you make out of this graph?
Which recommendations would you provide?

What insight do you learn with this graphs?
Which assumption can you make?

What are you looking at? Type of ads? What learning can you extract?
Would you say that the first ad is the performing ad of the account? Why?
What A/B test would you run in order to improve some of those ads?

You have as a project to launch a new product: a clothing brand for cyclists, the USP is that
your products will have sensors to monitor efforts and bring real-time recommendations to
the cyclist.
You know you don’t have the funding nor the time to develop the full product line so you
decide to create an MVP. What would it be? What will you monitor? What would you
Let’s say that 4 customers have discontinued their subscriptions to your service on a given
month. Now let’s consider that the first two customers were paying $14/mo, the third was
paying $48/mo and the last was paying $112/mo.
Please calculate the churn?

Attribution model
What are you learning with the screenshot below?
Which suggestions would you provide to your marketing department in terms of next
actions? New marketing allocation? Anything else?


























Sample Solution