Measurement and Data Collection Plan

In the final assignment for Autumn semester, you will complete your evaluation planning by describing how you intend to measure your outcomes and collect the data for your evaluation.
Discuss the following questions in describing your measurement and data collection plans:
A. Introduction:

One paragraph summarizing your proposed evaluation project, including the agency’s name, the intervention approach (or program name), and whether it is a case-level or program level evaluation.(look at Assignment 1,2,3, and 4)

B. Measurement Plan

1. What is the desired outcome of your intervention/program that you plan to measure?
Increase better relationship between parents and children.
2. What measure will you use? Will you use an existing measure (such as a RAI/standardized scale), or develop one for your project (such as IRS, or a survey questionnaire)?

I’m planning in using and IRS asking: Feeling angry, Feeling Anxious, Feeling distress….If you can find an IRS that is already being use with similar questions will be fine.

If you plan to use an existing measure, you must provide literature reviews on how it was developed; by whom; and how to interpret its standardized scores (i.e., norms). Please attach a copy of your chosen measure.

If you plan to create your own IRS or a survey questionnaire, you must describe more detailed information, include question statements and their response categories. Please attach your IRS form or a survey question you plan to use in your data collection.

3. Discuss the reliability and the validity of the measure you plan to use.

If you plan to use an existing measure, you must cite the findings from its reliability and validity tests in related article(s).

If you plan to create your own measure, you must discuss how you will test its reliability and validity. See triangulation and/or different testing methods of reliability and validity as described in Week 11 Coursework.

4. Discuss the rationale for your decision to choose your particular measure. If you decide to use an existing measure, what criteria do you use to select one. If you decide to create your own measure, what is the rationale for creating your own.

C. Data Collection Plan

1. Identify data collection method(s) you plan to use. See PowerPoint sides in the file ‘Data Collection Methods.’

2. Discuss the following:
1) When data will be collected? Starting the second week of January 2019, once a week at the beginning and end of each individual session.
2) Where data will be collected? In my office on paper questionaries’
3) Who will collect data? Will you need to train others to collect the data, and if so, describe the training you will provide? I will collect the data
4) In what situation, data will be collected? Beginning and end of each session
5) What instructions will be provided? Try to answer all the questions as honest as you can
3. What barriers or challenges may you encounter with your data collection? What steps will you take to overcome those challenges and/or prevent them?





















































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