Medicaid, Medicare and SCHIP

On the basis of your knowledge on Medicaid, Medicare and SCHIP, write a 3- to 4-page essay in a Microsoft Word document on these government insurance programs. Your essay should include answers to the following questions:

Compare and contrast the three major government health insurances. Include eligibility, administrative jurisdiction, and method of financing.
Compare the Medicaid program in the state you reside in with a Medicaid program in another state. Should Medicaid programs be uniform throughout the United States? Explain why or why not.
Compare the structure and eligibility rules for SCHIP in your state and SCHIP in another state. Do you think that SCHIP should be uniform throughout the United States? Why or why not?
Describe entitlement and block grant programs. How are these two programs different?
Should all government health insurances be entitlement programs or should they all be block grant programs? Why?

Sample Solution