Mental health case study

Case Study 1

Jim sits alone in a corner of the yard by the pool while his family engages in swimming and playing games. He rarely speaks to his grandchildren. When the children approach him or ask questions he simply ignores them. The children are confused by their grandfather’s behavior.

Impaired social interaction is a characteristic of which personality disorder? Please provide details. (Hint: refer to Chapter 16)

Case Study 2

A client, age 62 years, became severely depressed when her son experienced a traumatic brain injury sustained in an automobile accident 6 years ago. Since her son’s accident, she has neglected to pay her bills on time, has difficulty sleeping and difficulty concentrating, and has lost interest in eating and has lost 30 pounds during the last year. Her home needs repairs, and she feels overwhelmed with completing the maintenance required. She feels all helpless and alone. She states that she “is alone and no one cares.” She has been noncompliant with pharmacologic antidepressant therapy, which has led to her admission to an acute care psychiatric setting.

Determine which nursing outcome statements would apply to this client and list them in order of priority. (Hint: refer to Chapter 15)

Sample Solution