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In consideration of where mental illness fits into this association between socialization and crime, there is a correlation amongst these variables. However, I
believe it to be important to understand that there is a correlation amongst these variables and not causation. Unfortunately, it seems as though it is
commonplace for citizens to believe that mental illness and crime go hand in hand. This unfortunate perspective of mental illness has been stated to be due
in part to the media’s portrayal of criminals in movies, as well as criminals who perpetrate crimes such as mass shootings as mentally ill before a
professional conclusion is even made (Schug & Fradella, 2015). Sadly, this can lead to the public, at large, to conclude that those who are mentally ill are
criminal in nature, and thus, potentially dangerous and violent (Schug & Fradella, 2015). This conclusion is very narrow in scope. There has been found to be
a relationship between crime and mental illness, but not one as seemingly strong as that which the media portrays on a regular basis.


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