Middle range nursing theories

  1. Compare and contrast two middle range nursing theories considering their usefulness in nursing practice, research, education, and administration.
  2. Search the literature and find an example of a research study that uses a middle range nursing theory in a nursing practice study.
  3. Does the study appear to use the theory appropriately? Explain.
  4. How does the research contribute to the understanding of the theory?
  5. Does the theory aid the practice in evaluation of safe, effective, quality care practices? If yes, how?
  6. The initial response requires 300 or more words, supported by at least three scholarly references.
  7. Refer to your APA Manual or apastyle.org for assistance.
  8. Indicate in your Post that you are in Group B.
  9. Choose two of your peers’ initial posts from Group A on Grand Nursing Theory. Be sure to indicate that you are a Group B student and whose post to which you are referring.
  10. Critique each component of your peers’ initial posts, based on the initial post instructions; you must address each initial post item.

Sample Solution