Migration Class Reflection

Demonstrate how the course material resonates with some of the things that they have experienced, heard or read about. Times New Roman 12 Point Font, 1 inch margins COURSE CONTENT 1. Introduction to the Course 2. Migration and Development: A Swinging Pendulum? 3. South-South Migration 4. Refugees and Forced Migration 5. The Arab Spring and Migration 6. The Brain Drain and Development: An International Crime? 7. Remittances: The New Development Mantra? 8. Spring Break 9. Beyond Remittances 10. Modes of Diaspora Engagement and Mid-Term Exam 11. Gender, Migration and Development 12. Migrant Integration in Host Societies 13. Migration and Food Security 14. Migration, Health and Medical Tourism 15. Migrant Workers and Immigration Policy 16. Course wrap-up

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