Mind map

Each mind map is a graphical representation of the most essential ideas from each
philosopher. It also indicates how ideas are related within each philosopher’s work as well as
how different philosophers’ ideas are related. If you are not familiar with mind maps, run a
Google image search on the term “mind map,” and you will find millions of results.
The mind map must be drawn by hand, preferably in multiple colors. Use any combination of
words, pictures, symbols, lines, arrows, etc., to represent various central ideas and arguments of the
philosophers we have studied and how they are related to one another. Use your own judgment
about what is important enough to be represented on your mind map—not too much, not too
little. Beauty is not a part of your grade.
One way you might show relations among ideas is to draw lines, but keep in mind that the type of
line can be varied to show different types of relations between ideas, e.g., a dotted or dashed line,
etc. For example, relations of opposition should not look the same as relations of similarity

Sample Solution