Mini Case Study

Read the following mini-case, and answer the questions that follow. You must post your response before you
can see the responses of others:
As manager of your group, you are responsible for leading the weekly meeting, which is scheduled for this
morning from 9:00-10:00 am. As usual, people begin to wander in at 9:05, 9:10, then drift in and out chatting,
getting coffee, checking cell phones. Everyone is finally seated at 9:15. Before you can review the agenda, two
people raise an issue over the lack of progress on a topic that was discussed two meetings ago. In the middle
of the meeting, Person X rants about another issue, but when asked for ideas on how to handle it, has nothing
to say. Person Y introduces a conversation on another issue completely off-topic, and no one brings it back.
Person Z takes a phone call during the meeting, but doesn’t leave the room.
You are frustrated with the disruptions, lack of cohesiveness of the group, and the behavior of some of your
team during the meeting. A full hour has passed and very little has been accomplished. You wrap up the
meeting at 10:20 and decide something has to change before the next meeting. You begin planning how you’ll
communicate your message.

  1. What is the goal of your communication?
  2. Who are the key parties to whom you will communicate your message?
  3. What is your message, and how will you deliver it – at what time and in what setting?
  4. How will you follow up to make sure you have achieved your communication goal?

Sample Solution