Misconceptions in popular culture

a. There are many misconceptions in popular culture about the exceptionalities and/or disorders we will cover
over the course of the semester. Televisions shows and movies often exaggerate some of the tendencies
shown by these individuals. These exaggerations not only give a false perception of what it is like to have one
of these exceptionalities but can affect the way others treat individuals with exceptionalities. For this I would
like each of you to do the following:
b. Select a topic from the course and describe the major characteristics of the exceptionalities, the challenges
these characteristics may present educationally, and the educational best practices according to recent
research. This should be done using appropriate APA formatting using approved sources (to be discussed
further in class)
c. Chose a movie or TV program in which one of the characters has the exceptionality discussed in part A.
After briefly describing the program discuss how well the program portrays the exceptionality (citing specific
examples) and if you believe the portrayal could lead to any negative stereotyping.

Sample Solution