Moral Development

Apply Kohlberg’s OR Gilligan’s theory to a person or fictional character.
Try to determine the person’s/character’s overall motivation for their actions. Then tell us what step(s)/stage(s) you believe that person/character are in and why.
Do not use cases from the textbook for this assignment.
POST TITLE/SUBJECT – Name of the person/character you are using or the title of your article and the date of
Example – Sherlock Holmes from the Sherlock
Paragraph 1 – Summary
If using a person or fictional character:
provide a brief summary of the person/character
If using an article it must have occurred within the last 6 months:
Provide the Title and Date of Publication
Provide a brief summary of the article and the person you will be analyzing.
Obtain from a reliable source
Must have been published the last 6 months.
Include the URL and citation.
Paragraph 2 – Application
Discuss the stage(s) or step(s) your person is/was in and why. The WHY/BECAUSE should be detailed and is the most important part.

Sample Solution