Morphological dimensions

Write,analyzing and comparing the social, visual
and morphological dimensions of a total of two specific sites in two different cities in
Southern California. A total of four specific sites have been identified for this assignment.
These sites are about quarter mile long by quarter mile deep in four cities—area centered
around Main Street and 4th Street in Santa Ana, area centered around Main Street and
Von Karman Street in Irvine, area centered around 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica,
and area centered around South Coast Highway and Laguna Avenue in Laguna Beach
(see attached drawings marked with proposed site areas). You can select and compare
any two sites for this assignment. In the term paper, you will first present a brief
introduction of the general characteristics of the cities in which these sites are located (for
instance, discuss the land area of each city, population, population density, median
household income, etc.). Next, you will present a critical evaluation of the social, visual
and morphological dimensions of each of the two selected sites. In the last section of the
assignment, you will compare the strengths and weaknesses of the two sites in terms of
their social, visual, and morphological dimensions, and discuss your own experience of
these two places in terms of “overall quality” of place .

Sample Solution