Moscow City Symphony “Russian Philharmonic”

Watch the video and answer the following questions in paragraphs NOT bullet or numbered points.
Moscow City Symphony “Russian Philharmonic” Conductor — Michail Jurowski Moscow International House of Music, Svetlanov Hall June 20, 2012

Write an essay a minimum of 2 pages, 12pt Times New Roman, Double-spaced, 1″ margins all around.

Please include the following in your response.

.Heading / Title page with your name and name of the assignment
.Name of the performance, where it took place, who was conducting, name of the orchestra, how long was the performance, etc. Was this a formal or informal performance? Explain which one?
.Classification of the ensemble, names of instruments in the ensemble.
.What music period is this piece from. Explain. What is the genre of the music? Explain.
.Name three positive things you liked about the performance? Explain in detail
.Name three negative things you disliked about the performance? Explain in detail.

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