New Yorker Magazine Argumentation

For this activity, you will first choose an article that presents an argument (some articles do not, such as “Shouts & Murmurs,” the “Fiction” section, etc.). This can be in the form of a theory, a strong opinion, or perhaps it is an explicitly laid out position. You’ll find that the structure of these New Yorker essays is not typical of the kind of argument/persuasive essay you are used to. However, supporting topics, evidence, and elaboration are provided, albeit in a unique, sell-contained structure. The object is to dissect the structure and extract the most important ideas.
Please provide information/analysis on the following: 1. The argument that is being made 2. The supporting topics and evidence that strengthen the argument 3. The layouVstructure of the essay and how it differs from a typical STAAR-like essay

Sample Solution