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Write a 3-5 page reflection paper describing what the family and patient experienced. A reflection paper provides you with the opportunity to add your thoughts and analysis about the movie. Evaluate the evidence-based standardized tools that were used. Did you observe the Stages of Dying? Below is the link to the movie. NUR 360 Case Study 1 Rubric Criteria Details Possible Score Student Score 1. Introduction: Using the Psychosocial Assessment Tool ? Who is the client? ? What was the client’s career/life/interests? ? What were the clients strengths/weaknesses; fears and concerns; culture or spiritual beliefs; and special requests for the time of death and following death? 3 2. Screening Tool ? Provide the clinical indicators observed. 3 3. Enhancing Physical Comfort ? What principles of symptom management were used? 3 4. Conclusion ?




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