Nursing research

For published articles, we cannot simply assume that the published findings are reliable and valid. In
order to use the evidence generated from research effectively, we must appraise its quality to determine
if we can have confidence in the findings. This assignment aims to train you to evaluate the quality of
quantitative research articles.
Suggested steps to follow:

  1. Briefly review the articles provided on BB under formal quantitative critique. Choose only one
    article for your critique. If you wish to critique another article not listed on the BB, email the
    instructor the article and ask for the approval before you start critiquing.
  2. Go to the BB and indicate which article you will critique by sending an email to the instructor.
  3. Compose your paper: 6-8 pages (excluding the cover and reference pages). APA format (doublespaced, 12-font Times Roman).
  4. On the cover page, write the title of the chosen research article and your name. Focus on
    critiquing to determine the research quality.
  5. Use the Quantitative Research Critique Guidelines (posted in BB) to generate your critical
    thinking and form your writing. The guidelines are adapted from Polit & Beck (2017). Box 5.2
    Guide to an Overall Critique of a Quantitative Research. Refer to the textbook for “detailed
    critiquing guidelines” if you need more details in each section.
  6. The critique should address the items included in the guide. Do not simply answer the “critiquing
    questions” as “yes” or “no”. Provide brief explanation or reasons.

 Pertinent information about the study.
 Positive AND negative statements about the use of the scientific method.
 Positive AND negative statements about NURSING and the research.

  1. In the summary assessment section of your paper:
    i. Determine whether or not the study provided sufficient evidence for future research or
    clinical practice

Sample Solution