Oil Spill

Video needed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zGFvzMMO9w
The assignment associated with the BP oil spill video is to write a short essay, reflecting on the content of the documentary.
Your essay should evaluate the scientific content of the documentary, relative to the social-emotional content. Several difference voices are heard during the video, including local residents, shrimp fishermen, university professors, BP incident commanders, oil company executives, lawyers, etc.. Many figures and statistics are presented, along with explanations of how oil behaves in the marine environment. Reflect on who you find most convincing and why. Do you suspect a bias among any of the interviewees or in the makers of the documentary? If so, give an example and say why you’re suspicious. How would you go about fact-checking the information presented? Summarize the quality of the documentary with respect to scientific content and how convincing it is to viewers.







Sample Solution