Operational Management in Toyota

Introduction : Talk about automotive industry itself the range of the industry it’s size and importance. What industry offers to the customers.
Mention the importance of Operation and Logistic management systems. Explain what this essay will present and what is the main focus (1.product design issue to stay competitive on the market. 2.Quality issue with the manufacturing process)
Talk about chosen company (Toyota) advantages and disadvantages link to Product Design and Quality issue. Look for some good inside information (the systems that they use, their approaches, their policies, number of sales, main competitors)
Product design issue – what is product design (literature, concept of product design) Highlight the operational issue in regards product design. Explain the product Life cycle and apply as a tool to resolve the issue. Find somebody who disagrees with this theory. Quality issue. Find the manufacturing issue related to quality and explain why is it important to resolve. Provide literature explanation of TQM and apply a tool to resolve the issue. Provide critical writing. Last concept is the three bottom lines. Introduce and explain the concept of three bottom lines. How the industry developed within years and how they pay attention to Environmental and Social Factors. Three bottom lines must be related to the previously explained issues !! Find how Toyota uses these approaches in practice, what do they offer, any innovative approaches, something that outstands? Mention competitor and their successful strategies, their ideas may be proved more successful.
Talk about outside regulations and the difficulty in meeting those standards,
Talk about Toyota’s sustainability and their position in the market. Why have they got so far and how? What are the values that they represent ?








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