Organizational commitment

Which type of organizational commitment (affective, continuance or normative) do you think is most important to the majority of employees? Which do I think is most important to me?

Consider times when you’ve reacted to a negative with exit, voice, loyalty or neglect. What was it about the situation that caused you to respond the way you did? Do you usually respond to negative events in the same way, or does your response vary across the four options? Please share a specific example (names may be changed) and why you chose one of the four reactions (and how that manifested).

Can you think of reasons the increased diversity of the workforce might actually increase organizational commitment? Why? Which of the three types of commitment might explain that sort of result?

Studies suggest that decades of downsizing have lowered organizational commitment levels. Can you think of a way that an organization can conduct layoffs without harming the commitment of the survivors? How?

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