Organized and disorganized crime

After reading the scenario below, imagine that you are a profiler for the police. Would you identify the crime scene as organized or disorganized? Explain your choice. What would you determine to be the victimology of the crime and the crime’s possible motivation? How would you describe the offender based on probabilities?

A 19-year-old black male is found dead in an alleyway. His body is within view of the street. The crime scene is south of downtown, in a high-crime urban neighborhood. No one appears to have seen or heard the incident. The victim appears to have died from blunt-force trauma to the back of the head. He is carrying no identification on him, but his back left pocket contains the receipt of a purchase he made just minutes before the police officer found him. A shovel with blood on it is among the trash in the dumpster nearby. A neighbor confirmed that the shovel was his, and he usually leaves it in the alleyway. He likes to garden, and his wife gets mad at him for leaving a dirty shovel in the house. The neighbor said he recognized the dead man as a “kid from the neighborhood” but does not know his name.

Sample Solution