Organizing a Paper, Creating an Outline

Create a detailed outline of your capstone research paper, which lays out a summary of the information that
you will present in your final paper. At the end of Unit 4 on pages 83-87 there is a sample outline for you to
generally follow, but I want you to build an outline that conforms with the seven sections common to policy
reports (see below). In the outline that you upload to Canvas, include all seven subsection headings, but for
this assignment you are only required to construct a detailed outline of the subsections Context and the
Importance of the Problem and Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research. If you like, you can include
a partial or full outline of the Conclusion and/or Policy Recommendations subsections.
Under each section headings in your outline, write the last name(s) of the author(s), year of publication, and
title of the article(s)/source(s) that you are relying on to create those subsections. Also, list alphabetically those
sources that you use under the References subheading, and make sure that references are properly cited in
APA, Chicago Style, or Harvard Style of Referencing (see Unit 6 for how to create and properly format your list
of references).
Also, include your Problem Statement and Thesis Statement under the section heading Context and the
Importance of the Problem.
Required Sections of the Capstone Research Paper:
Title Page of the Capstone Policy Report
Executive Summary
Context and the Importance of the Problem
Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research
Policy Recommendations

Sample Solution