1). Original Composition/Presentation

– This must be an original composition – you may not use any part of another person’s composition. No collaborations – each student must compose their own separate composition.
– Must be written on sheet music (can be printed from http://www.blanksheetmusic.net) – not plain paper with 5 lines drawn to simulate music manuscript. If it is, the assignment will not be accepted.
– Ternary: ABA
– 24 measures – A = 8 bars, B = 8 bars, A1 = 8 bars
– Must include written melody with proper rhythmic notation.
– Must include at least one non-harmonic tone i.e. note which is not in the key signature. This would be indicated by using an accidental sign (either sharp # or flat b) written before the note depending on whether it is a sharp or flat key).
– Must indicate the key signature at the beginning of the composition.
– The B section must be in a different key than the A section. An example would be the use of the relative minor key such as G MA/E min/ G MA.
– A1 must have something that is different from the original A section, for example a different chord, melody note, cadence, chord inversion, etc.
– Must include both a half cadence and a perfect authentic cadence.
– You may use jazz harmony (in addition to triads) such as 7th chords, and extensions such as 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths.
– Must indicate harmony by writing out the chords i.e. grand staff (melody in the treble clef, full chords notated in the bass clef).
– Don’t forget that you may use inversions of chords i.e. first and second inversions of triads, etc.
– Duple or triple meter may be used.
– Time signature must be indicated at the beginning of the composition.
– Rhythms must be notated correctly. If you are uncertain about rhythms, reference the examples found throughout the “Basic Musicianship Class Notes and Workbook” on D2L – located as item 1 under Unit 2. Resources
The student must perform the composition for the class in order to obtain credit for the project. You may select a partner to assist in the performance, for example, one student plays the right hand part and the other plays the left. You may use either your keyboard (provided that it has a built-in speaker and the class can hear it) or the acoustic piano in the classroom.

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