Parent Teaching Project

A critical component of pediatric nursing is teaching parents how to care for their child, particularly during an illness or after a procedure. To develop this skill, the student will complete a parent teaching project.
Students will be assigned a topic and developmental stage upon which to focus. With that information, the student will need to determine what health education (AKA parent/patient teaching) needs to be conducted prior to this virtual patient being discharged. The students will then role-play the teaching session, using a student chosen by the instructor as the “parent” and with the rest of the clinical group observing.

Question: You are a nurse taking care of a toddler who has a G.J tube. What health education will you teach the parents? How are they going to care for the patient upon discharge? Include pictures.

The project must include:
• A 1-page attached document discussing the assessment of a parents’ readiness to learn and barriers to learning
• The critical components of home care for the assigned topic
• Developmentally appropriate instruction-
o The teaching reflects the developmental level of the parent and patient. (e.g., home care instructions for an infant should include the food appropriate for an infant rather than a school aged child).

Sample Solution