Paris Agreement in the context of realism and liberalism

Students are required to write an essay of 1,500-1,750 words in length (excluding the bibliography). Anything
beyond 1,750 will not be read or marked. The essay must present a clear and detailed argument addressing the question posed below, and must also discuss TWO IR theoretical approaches. A minimum of 3 academic sources must be used. Sources should be listed in a bibliography, and quotations should be acknowledged where necessary. Please refer to page 20 for the essay evaluation form.
Essay Question:
Which theoretical approach offers the best understanding of one of the key issues discussed in the Winter semester? Answer by comparing at least two IR theoretical approaches (or theories).
Some of the key issues to consider (see Winter semester topics): effectiveness of the UN; climate change,
environmental degradation; global trade, inequality; poverty and international development; war; international
security; terrorism; nuclear weapons proliferation; humanitarian intervention. You can pick a more specific topic
within the broad topic: Paris agreement
Some of the IR theories/approaches to consider: Realism; Liberalism;

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