Performance Detective

Clone the video transcoder x264 via git ( If you are
having trouble, export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 may help.
Use ./configure and make to compile two different binaries of the same program. Compile one
binary using no extra flags (regular) and another binary that disables platform-specific assembly
optimizations (disable-asm). Read the configure script to determine how to pass such additional
parameters to make. You may also need to pass two more flags when executing configure to
compile successfully: “–enable-pic –enable-shared”
If you have any issues in doing this, checkout “man git”, “man make”, “man gcc”
Download the “paris_cif.y4m” video file from
To run the experiments, login via ssh to “”. You need to be on the campus
network or login to an accessible gateway first such as Use the following user
name to access the machine: cse120_${group} where ${group} is your canvas group number.
(e.g. if you are group 42, use cse120_42 as user. Utilize the following password “1xyzR3D3”
which you NEED to change (passwd) after you have logged in the first time. As multiple
students will be sharing the same machine, run your tests multiple times until you get
reproducible results. If you need to copy a locally downloaded file to the server, use scp. You
can also run the tests on your own/other Linux machine as long as it has 8 or more cores (you
might need sudo access to run perf on your own machine).

Sample Solution