Personal and Ethical Philosophy Statement

Students should summarize the following selected reading under the specified headings:
Duncan, S. & Goddard, W. (2005). Family life education: Principles and practices for effective outreach. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
After reading the supplemental materials, please include into your essay the following information:a. Principle Summary: Summarize EACH of the ethical principles discussed in the article (no direct quotes should be used). This section should be about 2 pages. b. Application: Thoroughly discuss how you will apply these principles to your work as a FLE. This section should be about a ½ page.c. Personal Biases: Identify and discuss awareness of your personal biases or attitudes and identify which populations of individuals would be the most challenging for you to work with (ex: sex offenders, people of a different race than you, people of a different religion than you, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.). This section should be about a ½ page.d. Strategies: Identify what strategies you will utilize to challenge and overcome those biases to allow you to successfully work with those populations that are challenging for you. This section should be about a ½ page. e. Please include the four headings in the ethical philosophy: Principle Summary, Application, Personal Biases, and Strategies.

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