Personal Reflection

Design is at its core a reflective practice: that is, designers think about problems as they solve them and re-frame as
information is gained as one progresses through the process. The reflection assignments are designed to give you an
opportunity to rise above the instrumental aspect of the course – learning how to solve problems – and explore what it
means to you on a personal level.
Assignment: Write a 1 page paper (SINGLE-SPACED or roughly 500-750 words) that addresses each of the 4 stages of
the Kolb learning cycle (Experience, Reflection, Abstraction and Action) on the Ontario Winter Light Festival project and
your experience applying design thinking theory and methods. Use specific examples and cite readings or research to
support your thinking.
What?: (Experience)
• Descriptive
• Facts, what happened, with whom
• Substance of group interaction
So what?: (Reflection)
• Shift from descriptive to interpretive
• Meaning of experience for you
• Feelings involved, lessons learned
• Why?
What more? (Abstraction)
• Contextual: seeing this situation’s place in the big picture
• What broader idea is this an instance of? (Inductive)
• What rules may apply in situations such as this? (Deductive)
• What new ideas does this bring to mind? (Abductive)
Now what?: (Action)
• Applying lessons learned/insights gained to new situations
• Setting future goals, creating an action plan

Sample Solution