Philosophy Critical Analysis

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In Barbara Fried’s “Beyond Blame”, she o?ers an argument for the claim that no one has free will. Your task in this paper is to reconstruct Fried’s argument and critically evaluate it. In particular, I want you to do each of the following: (1) Identify the premises Fried uses to support the claim that no one has free will (hint: begin by ?guring out whether Fried is a compatibilist or an incompatibilist). (2) Use these premises to construct a valid argument for the conclusion that no one has free will. (3) Critically evaluate these premises. Do you think they are true or false? Explain your position by giving reasons for or against her premises. Do not simply state your opinion. Back your opinion up by arguments, evidence, examples, and so on. You will be graded on (i) the accuracy of your discussion of the philosophical positions mentioned in the paper, (ii) the organization and clarity of your writing, and (iii) the cogency and development of your assessment of Fried’s argument




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