Physical therapy

We discussed earlier that many professions require graduate education after college. Unfortunately, many
students do not learn the requirements for such programs until they are ready to graduate, only to realize that
they do not meet the GPA requirements or course requirements to get into the program. So, pick a profession
you may be interested in pursuing for graduate studies. This, of course, will require that you go to the program
website and see what the requirements for the program are and if you could take the courses as part of your
current studies. Write a one page paper discussing the steps you would have to take to get into such a
graduate program.
For example, you may be interested in getting a Masters Degree in Public Health, and specializing in Maternal
Child Health. In order to do this you would likely take our Community Health program, focus in Maternal Child
Health, and apply to University of Minnesota (the top graduate school in Maternal Child Health in the country,
one of only 2 that offers the degree online). You would then apply to work at a hospital, college, government
agency, or one of the many other jobs open to MCH specialists.

Sample Solution