Kinetic Theory of Gases – A Virtual PhET Lab After completing this lab activity, the students should be able to: • Conduct an experiment to confirm gas laws • Confirm gas laws through experimental and theoretical calculations • Write a lab report Lab Report The lab report must include the following: • Title • Introduction • Experimental Details or Theoretical Analysis • Results • Discussion • Conclusions and Summary • References Please visit the following website to learn more about lab reports: ACS Format for Laboratory Reports An example of a lab report is given on the following website: Professor K – sample lab report Lab Activity Please follow the steps given below to conduct the experiment: • This lab requires you to produce a lab report to “Confirm Gas Laws.” This is the “Title” of your lab report. • Read the relevant chapters on gas laws and add an “Introduction.” You conduct this lab by connecting to the PhET website by clicking on the link given below (or where applicable through the embedded simulation on the lab page)

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