Pivotal battles

I. Answer the following questions in the form of an essay. Be sure to use FACTS to support your answer and to answer ALL parts of the question.

A. Discuss the rise and fall of the Roman Republic. How did nearly 500 years of democratic tradition come to an end through the actions of individuals like Marius, Sulla, Julius Caesar, and Augustus? More importantly, is democracy doomed to fail, and fall into dictatorship at some point? Using the Roman example, explain why this is or isn’t necessarily the case.

B. Discuss the rise and spread of Buddhism while addressing the following questions: According to legend, how did Siddhartha Gautama first achieve “enlightenment”? How did its message and emphasis differ from that of Hinduism and Jainism? Which political rulers supported it? Why wasn’t Buddhism more successful in India? Where did it become most popular?

C. The Persian Wars were a turning point in Greek and, more broadly, western history. What were their causes? What pivotal battles helped ensure Greek victory? How did the wars set the stage for important developments over the next century, including the Peloponnesian War and the rise of Macedonia and Alexander? As always, mention








































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