Plain Talk about Helping and Counseling

Efron, Lukens and Greene (2007) “Defining Psychotherapy” Psychotherapy Networker 2007 Issue 2:
March/April Miller,
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Hubble and Duncan, (2007) “Super Shrinks” Psychotherapy Networker Issue 6: Nov/Dec 2007
Efran, Jay and Fauber, Rob (2015) “Spitting in the Client’s Soup” Psychotherapy Networker 2015 Issue 2:
direct=true&db=sih&AN=114085696&site=ehost-live (click “PDF Full-text” link on left side)
The primary text that we will use for this study is: Psychotherapy Relationships That Work by John Norcross
Identify the theme of each topic (e.g “Having a Helpful Conversation”) in the readings and how the authors
discuss it.
As you discuss each topic, be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas found in the
Include reflection from your life and work (only share information you are comfortable with) as we explore how
the information in the readings can be useful and applied in our lives and careers.
Do you agree with the position of the authors? Why?

Sample Solution