Project Management

Starting Your Project Plan
In Unit I, you were required to develop and submit a project idea. Your instructor should have provided you with
either the okay to proceed with your idea or some feedback so that you can make changes. Once you have
this feedback, you will be able to make any needed modifications to your project idea, and then you may start
putting together your project plan.
Also, in Unit I, you were provided with an outline for your final project plan. For the assignment in this unit, refer
to your unit lesson and required unit resources to begin to draft your project plan, which should include the
components listed below.

  1. Project Overview: This section should include a brief background description of the project, including
    motivation, goals and objectives, success criteria, major project deliverables, and identified constraints.
    o 1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives, and Business Case (In these sections, be sure to include how you will
    measure project success.)
    o 1.1.1 Scope: The project scope may be described in general terms. Include a problem statement, detailed
    steps in requirements gathering, information gathering, project constraints, alternatives analysis, and business
    case documentation. Be sure to describe the techniques used to derive the requirements for this project.
    o 1.1.2 Statement of Work (SOW): Include key milestones, resource requirements, risks and concerns, and
    acceptance criteria.
    o 1.1.3 Business Case: Include the business needs to be satisfied, the feasibility of the project, a description of
    internal and external forces likely to affect the project, a comparative analysis of the costs and benefits of this
    project over alternative solutions, and time estimates to return on investment. Identify how the satisfaction of
    business needs will be determined.
    o 1.2 Project Deliverables: List the major items or project features to be delivered to the client.
    o 1.3 Project Organization: List all project team members, their specific roles, and the project organization
    hierarchy. Where appropriate, indicate joint responsibilities between the project manager and functional
    manager. Develop a project team reporting structure.

Sample Solution