Playing Checkers

Determine which possible logical systems could be applied to solve the Al problem. How are these relevant to the game?

Select and apply an inference system and data representation format, explaining the reasons this could be an appropriate alternative solution to the heuristic solution you utilized earlier.

Assess how well the applied methods and techniques addressed the problem given the context of the game. V. Proposal Defense:

Determine which of the considered and applied solutions you feel is appropriate and formulate your defense and explanations to convince your Al and non-Al professional audience.

Assess the applicability and utility of the proposal. How well did your solution apply to the game and how usable is it?

What aspects of the game, if any, did your solution fail to address? If you feel your solution addressed all aspects of the game, explain why and how.

Provide an illustrative example of how the given inputs transform into the desired outputs to clarify the solution process for your audience. VI. Conclusions:

Discuss the success of your overall approach to finding a solution and explain how it could be utilized in alternative contexts or in future Al problem scenarios. A. How useful was your approach in developing the best solution? B. Provide an illustrative explanation of how successfully your approach solved the given problem and the revealed findings. C. Considering the assessment of your proposal, what changes might you make to your solution? How can this solution apply to similar problems?











Sample Solution