According to Blake in “Little Black Boy”, when and where is racial harmony possible? Are there any similarities between Heine’s and Blake’s poems? Question 2: What’s Blake’s attitude toward child labor and capitalist commercialization in “Chimney Sweepers”? Question 3: Does the poem “Chimney Sweepers” indicate Blake’s Christian solution to child labor, alienation, and exploitation? Why does Blake not recommend immediate social and political changes to solve these problems? Make sure that you directly address the question you have selected and that you use concepts from what you have studied in your writing. It is important that your work reflects your understanding of the text content and ideas. make sure that the response is just for one question. The book name is : The Norton Anthology of World Literature. Vol. E. Eds. Sarah Lawall & Maynard Mack. Norton W.W. Norton & Company, Inc 1995. Print. ISBN 0-393-97759-5 If u cant find it online, u can use the audio recording.




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