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Assessment two (2500 words): Policy brief Policy paper 50% 2 500 words 7th June The second assignment will be written in the form of a policy brief. While the first assignment focuses on mapping and critically evaluating what others have said about your chosen policy or regulatory debate, this assignment gives you the opportunity to develop your own argument about how the role of business in your chosen case should be defined and regulated, and apply this to generate concrete policy prescriptions. In other words, the aim of this assignment is to build on the literature review carried out at the first step, as a basis for making an argument about how the specific policy/regulatory controversy or dilemma should be resolved. This assignment is thus focused on developing and demonstrating the capacity to apply the theoretical analysis to practical, real-world prescriptions regarding the design of policy or regulatory institutions that involve business in the work of government. Analysis should explicitly take into account considerations of public interest and democratic process—in whatever specific form is most relevant to the topic at hand. The 2500 word policy brief should build a case for your preferred way of responding to your chosen debate, drawing on arguments and evidence from sources of theory and empirical evidence drawn from your prior literature review. This piece should be written in a style appropriate for a relatively generalist policy audience.

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