Political science; Terrorism

Why is it hard to fully define the term terrorism? Historically; what did the term first describe? What are the two
factors which most often define modern terrorism and why?
History greatly influenced the strength of modern terrorism. What impact did the French and Russian
Revolutions have upon the growth of modern terrorism (be specific with examples from the text)? What impact
did Social Democrats have upon both revolutions and what were they trying to achieve? Why? Specifically;
when looking at the role that Violent Anarchists have upon the rise and alteration of terrorist growth in the
“west” -what did they advocate? What were their choice tools in achieving this? Why? Give an example in
history of the influence they had.
In regard to selective terrorism; what is it? How has selective terrorism evolved over time and how did the IRA
utilize this medium dramatically? In regard to selective terrorism; do Nationalists view themselves as terrorists?
Why or why not? How do modern theorists believe selective terrorism differs in present day than the 1800s?
What one factor is unique and why does this make counterterrorist measures so difficult in present day?

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