Portfolio case study ….

The business environment nowadays keeps on changing so rapidly due to the advent of technology. With this, new things (product, process, resources, etc.) are

introduced every now and then as a result of this change. So many nations like Oman are also facing different challenges because of the environmental changes

especially in the economic environment. In order to cope with the change, the government of Oman is encouraging its constituents to take a share in developing the

economy of the country by putting up small businesses by providing initial capital for start-up.

Assume that you are awarded with OMR 30,000 by the government through Al Rafd Fund and you need to use this amount to start a new small venture that helps augment your

financial needs. In order for you to do this, you are expected to do an environmental scanning or environment analysis to determine a particular need that can be a

good support for you to generate business ideas. From that case, you are required to do research work and develop a report

Sample Solution