Primary Source Analysis

For this paper analysis, you will identify a TEXTUAL primary source (one from Documents 1-7) from
Chapter 4 (Colonial Society WEBSITE: of the
assigned primary source reader (YAWP Reader). You should not consult outside sources for this
Using your chosen source and guide questions from the primary source analysis worksheet (uploaded),
write an essay on the author’s relationship to the colonial America with the following sections:
An introduction that: A) describes colonial America in the context of Chapter 3 and 4 (Yawp reader textbook, noting three central or important components of colonial
America and B) introduces the primary source and its author.
A section in which, based on your evaluation of the primary source, you indicate the observer’s
understanding of colonial America, supporting your assertions with specific paraphrases/quotes of the text.

Questions to Consider for this Section: how does your author view colonial America and its place in
society? Is it a good thing? A bad thing? A complex thing?
A section addressing the author’s view of colonial America within the larger historical context. Provide three
clear and distinct comparisons (commonalities or disconnects) between the author’s particular observation
of colonial America and the “reality” of the time period that we have examined in class. Provide support from
the primary source and course content to clarify why you arrived at each conclusion.
Questions to Consider for this Section: what material from the colonial America lectures/textbook content
does your author reassert/support? What content/problems/people from colonial America are off your
author’s radar?

Sample Solution