Privacy, Security and Trust

Read “Privacy and Trust Issues with Invisible Computers” Lahlou, S. and Röcker, C. Communications of the ACM 48(3): 59-60 (March 2005).
What are the five characteristics that make “invisible” computer systems different from more traditional ways of collecting and storing data?
Give an example of an “unwanted” information flow.
How do “invisible” computers blur the boundaries between public and private spaces?
How does globalization affect this ‘blurring’ of public and private spaces?

Search for another article that discusses the issues and concerns that IT security and privacy presents. Using the framework in the “Crossing Boundaries” handout, provide a brief summary (200-500 words) of how matters of privacy, security and trust affect the country, region, organization or other group concerned. (Please be sure to identify the country, region etc)

Sample Solution