Probation or Correctional officer.

Learn about careers by reading the biographies of real people working at real jobs. Explore your interests and reflect on what you learned about yourself and the occupation you researched. Students will complete 2 career bio assignments. While you will be graded on this assignment, I encourage you to invest yourself in the outcome. Don’t just do the assignment to get it done, use this opportunity to really dig in and explore a career you think you might be interested in, or haven’t really considered. Requirements Papers should: – Include the title of the occupation you learned about – Thoughtfully and fully explore ALL prompts or sentence stems listed below – Note specific details or important facts – Reflect on what you learned about the occupation and yourself – Include a personal response to the reading – Be no less or more than 1 to 2, typewritten pages in APA format. Directions Read & Research Go to Vocational Biographies at: different sentence stems for the second career bio. but the instructions You will have
will be the Sid Additional materials (Protected View) – Word (Product

Sample Solution