The theaters name is “Good Kids.” My name is Tory, The time I watched the show was November 16, 2018. My role in the classroom is Conner.

Compare your interpretation of the play from reading the script to seeing the live production: Compare the choices you made with your scene work to the choices the actors made in the production


You may write about both things that were what you expected from reading the play, and things that were not. You may argue whether you thought these choices worked or did not work.

Focus on the interpretation of the play made by the actors, and compare that to your interpretation when you read it. Do NOT focus on the simple difference of reading a play versus seeing a play performed. (Plays are meant to be performed, so it makes sense to enjoy the experience of viewing more than reading: this is not the point of the assignment.)

Include ALL of the following: I. (5 pts) Did you get any different idea of the themes from seeing the production, or did your thoughts on the themes stay the same?

  1. (20 pts) Think about the character you played during the in-class scene work. How did the actor in the production portray this character? Were the acting choices the same or different from the choices you made? Did you think they worked better, or not as well? Did you discover anything new about the character from seeing someone else play the character? How did the choices made by the actor in this production compare to the significant choices you made? (Focus on the play you worked on for this question)

III. (10 pts) Think about your observation of your classmates’ scene. How were the characters portrayed in the production? Was it the same or different to how your classmate played the characters? Did you think it worked better, or not as well?

  1. (10 pts) Critique any other specific acting choices you have not already discussed. Be specific.




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