Project Management

Why you are studying Project Management?

Identify three areas of knowledge that you would like to improve in terms of your Project Management skill set.

How will this program enable you to achieve you Professional goals: For example, I believe that the Project Management Practices, Scope Management, Risk Management and Negotiation skills will entirely nurture me into a professional aiming for a better Strategies for Development Projects in a Medical device or a Pharmaceutical Industry.

2.Wells, H. (2012). How effective are project management methodologies? An exploitative evaluation of their benefits in practice. Project Management Journal, 43(6), 43-58. doi:10.1002/pmj.21302.

Use your husky usemame and password to retrieve and download the article listed above from the business source complete database. If you need help, read the announcement “Finding Articles Online” on the course web page. If you cannot find the article on your own, ask a librarian for help. You may need to read the article up to three times before you can have a profound understanding of its content. The author discussed several project management methodologies: agile, PRINCE2, and waterfall. Do you think organizations should adopt a single Project Management Methodology for all their projects? Why or why not? What are some of the pros and cons of having a single methodology in an organization vs. the pros and cons of having multiple methodologies?




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